Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 is the presentation graphics program that helps you create lasting visual impact either in person or online. With enhanced multimedia support, save your presentations to a CD-ROM and play streaming audio and video within a slide show. With enhancements to the user interface and support for Smart Tags, view and create high-impact presentations more easily.

  • Research task pane The new Research task pane offers a wide variety of reference information and expanded resources if you have an Internet connection. You can conduct research on topics using an encyclopedia, Web search, or by accessing third-party content. Also available from the Research task pane, and new to PowerPoint, is support for the thesaurus. This feature is an outstanding tool for finding synonyms to enhance the quality of your presentation.

  • Enhancements to media playback View and play your movies in full screen presentation with PowerPoint. Right-click the movie, click Edit Movie Object on the shortcut menu, and then select the Zoom to full screen check box. When Microsoft Windows Media Player version 8 or later is installed, improvements in media playback in PowerPoint support additional media formats, including ASX, WMX, M3U, WVX, WAX, and WMA. If a required media codec isn't present, PowerPoint will attempt to download it by using Windows Media Player technology.

  • Enhanced bitmap export Export bitmaps that are larger and have better resolution.

  • New slide show navigation tools The new Slide Show toolbar provides easy access to slide show navigation while you are making a presentation. In addition, common slide show tasks are simplified when the options are at your fingertips. The Slide Show toolbar puts ink annotation tools, pen and highlighter options, and the Slide Show menu within easy reach during a presentation, but the toolbar is never obtrusive or obvious to your audience.

  • Enhanced slide show ink annotations Use ink to mark up your slides while giving a presentation, or draft slides for review by using the ink features in PowerPoint. Not only can you keep the ink that you used in your slide show presentation, but you can turn on or off the slide show markup after you have saved the ink markup in your presentation. Some aspects of the ink feature require that you run PowerPoint on a Tablet PC.

  • Package for CD Package for CD is the new PowerPoint way to efficiently distribute your presentations. Make CDs of your presentations for viewing on computers running a Microsoft Windows operating system. Package for CD allows you to package your presentations and all of the supporting files, including linked files, and automatically run your presentations from the CD. The updated PowerPoint Viewer is included on the CD when you package your presentations. Therefore, no installation of the Viewer is required on a computer that doesn't have PowerPoint installed. Package for CD also gives you the option of packaging your presentations to a folder instead of a CD for archiving or posting to a network share.

  • Updated Viewer The Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer has been improved with high fidelity output, including support of PowerPoint graphics, animations, and media. No installation is required for the new Viewer. Your presentation files, packaged with the new Package for CD feature, include the Viewer by default, or you can download the new Viewer from the Web. In addition, the Viewer supports viewing and printing. The updated Viewer runs on Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition or later.

  • Information Rights Management Create or view content with restricted permission using Information Rights Management (IRM). IRM allows individual authors to specify permission for who can access and use documents or e-mail messages, and helps prevent sensitive information from being printed, forwarded, or copied by unauthorized people.

  • Document Workspaces Create a Document Workspace to simplify the process of co-writing, editing, and reviewing documents with others in real time. A Document Workspace site is a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site that is centered around one or more documents and is typically created when you use e-mail to send a document as a shared attachment.

  • Support for ink devices, such as the Tablet PC Quickly provide input by adding your own handwriting to Office documents on a Tablet PC as you would using a pen and a printout. Additionally, view task panes horizontally to help you do your work on the Tablet PC.instead.

  • New smart tag support Smart tag support has been added to PowerPoint. By selecting AutoCorrect Options on the Tools menu, and then clicking the Smart Tags tab, you can choose to label text in your presentation with smart tags. Dates, financial symbols, and person names are included in the list of smart tag recognizers that ship with PowerPoint.

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