Recording a Narration


If you are creating a self-running presentation, you might want to add a narration to emphasize the points you make. PowerPoint lets you record your own narration as you rehearse your slide show. You can record a narration before you run a slide show, or you can record it during the presentation and include audience comments. As you record the narration, you can pause or stop the narration at any time. When you play back a narration, the recording is synchronized with the presentation, including all slide transitions and animations. You can also delete a voice narration, as with any other PowerPoint object. You will need a microphone and a computer with a sound card to record the narration.

Record a Narration


Click the Slide Show menu, and then click Record Narration.


Click Set Microphone Level, set the microphone level you want, and then click OK.


Click Change Quality.


Click the Name list arrow, and then click the recording quality you want.


Click OK.


If necessary, select the Link Narrations In check box to insert the narration as a linked object.


Click OK.



See Also

See " Recording Sounds " on page 144 for information on adding music or other sounds to a presentation.


If necessary, click Current Slide or First Slide.


Speak clearly into the microphone attached to your computer and record your narration for each slide.


Click Save when prompted to save slide timings along with your narration.


Rerun the slide show and verify that your narration has been recorded along with the automatic timings.



Did You Know?

You can pause Narration . Right-click anywhere on the screen, and then click Pause Narration.

You can resume Narration . Right-click anywhere on the screen, and then click Resume Narration.

You can show a Presentation without Narration . To show a presentation with narration on a computer without sound hardware installed, click Set Up Show on the Slide Show menu, and then select the Show Without Narration check box to avoid problems running the presentation.

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