Exporting Notes and Slides to Word


You can send both your notes and slides to Word so that you can use a full array of word processing tools. This is especially handy when you are developing more detailed materials, such as training presentations and manuals. By default, PowerPoint pastes your presentation into a Word document. If you change the presentation after sending it to Word, the changes you make to the presentation are not reflected in the Word document. If you click the Paste Link option in the Send To Microsoft Office Word dialog box, however, you create a link between the Word document and the presentation, and changes you make in one are reflected in the other.

Create Handouts in Word


Click the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Microsoft Office Word.


Click the page layout option you want for handouts.


To create a link to the presentation, click the Paste Link option.

graphics/foure_icon.jpg Click OK.

Word starts, creates a new document, and inserts your presentation slides with the page layout you selected.


Print the document in Word, editing and saving it as necessary.


When you're done, click the Close button to quit Word.



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