Playing Movies and Sounds

After you insert movie or sound objects, you can modify them so they play continuously or just one time. Movies and sounds can play in either Normal view or Slide Show view. You can also view and play movies using the full screen. When you install Windows Media Player 8 or later on your computer, PowerPoint supports its file formats, including ASX, WMX, M3U, WVX, WAX, and WMA. To play individual sounds, or sounds from video, you need a sound card and speakers .

Play a Movie or Sound

  • To play a movie or sound in Normal view, double-click the movie object or sound icon.

  • To play a movie, sound, or animated picture in Slide Show view, click the Slide Show button, and then display the slide with the media you want to play.

    Depending on your slide show multimedia options, you may need to click the movie object or sound icon to play it.


Change Play Options


Right-click the sound icon or movie object, and then click Edit Sound Object or Edit Movie Object.


Change the sound or movie settings.

  • To play continuously, select the Loop Until Stopped check box.

  • For a movie, select the Rewind Movie When Done Playing check box, or select the Zoom To Full Screen check box.

  • For a sound, select the Hide Sound Icon During Slide Show check box.


Click OK.


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