Editing Cell Contents

Editing Cell Contents


Even if you plan ahead, you can count on having to make changes on a worksheet. Sometimes it's because you want to correct an error. Other times it's because you want to see how your worksheet results would be affected by different conditions, such as higher sales, fewer units produced, or other variables . You can edit data just as easily as you enter it, using the formula bar or directly editing the active cell.

Edit Cell Contents

graphics/one_icon.jpg Double-click the cell you want to edit. The insertion point appears in the cell.

The status bar now displays Edit instead of Ready.


If necessary, use the Home, End, and arrow keys to position the insertion point within the cell contents.


Use any combination of the Backspace and Delete keys to erase unwanted characters, and then type new characters as needed.


Click the Enter button on the formula bar to accept the edit, or click the Esc button to cancel the edit.



Did You Know?

You can change editing options . Click the Tools menu, click Options, click the Edit tab, change the editing options you want, and then click OK.

You can edit cell contents using the formula bar . Click the cell you want to edit, click to place the insertion point on the formula bar, and then edit the cell contents.

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Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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