Adding Records Using a Data Form

A Data Form provides an optional method of entering information in a list. Once field names are entered, you can access a Data Form using the Data menu. You don't even need to select the list range first; as long as the active cell is somewhere within the list range when the Data Form is opened, Excel will automatically locate the list. As you add new records to the form, the list range is constantly updated with the new rows, and Excel automatically enlarges the list range to include them.

Add to a List Using a Data Form


Click any cell within the list range. If you have not entered any records for the list yet, click one of the field names.


Click the Data menu, and then click Form.


Click New.

graphics/foure_icon.jpg Type each field entry in the appropriate text box.

Click in each field or press Tab to move from field to field.


Click Close.



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Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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