Understanding a Data Form

If you prefer entering information in a predesigned form to typing and tabbing on a worksheet, you'll appreciate the Data Form feature. A Data Form is a dialog box that contains field names from your list range and text boxes you fill in to enter the data. Excel automatically generates a Data Form based on the field names you assign when you create a list.


You can use the Data Form to enter repetitive information one record at a time. You can also use the Data Form to move around in a list and to search for specific data.

When you select a list range and open the Data Form, the form displays a field name and text boxes for all fields in the list. Data for the currently selected record appears in the text boxes (if the list already contains data). In a Data Form, you can enter new data in the text boxes of a blank record, edit data in existing records (although you cannot change field names), navigate to different records, and search for selected records:

  • Click the New button to enter a new record.

  • Click the Delete button to remove an existing record.

  • Click the Restore button to undo the previous action.

  • Click the Find Prev button to locate the closest previous record matching the criteria.

  • Click the Find Next button to locate the closest record matching the criteria.

  • Click the Criteria button to display the Data Form with all fields blank. Enter the field items you want to find.

  • Click the Close button to close the Data Form and return to the worksheet.

Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Show Me Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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