Inserting and Deleting Pictures


You can add pictures to a worksheet. Your company might have a logo that it includes on all worksheets. Or you might want to use clip art , copyright-free graphics, on your worksheet for a special presentation. In Excel, a picture is any graphic object that you insert as a single unit. You can also insert pictures that you've created in a drawing program or scanned in and saved as a file, or you can insert clip art provided with Microsoft Office or that you've acquired separately. After you insert a graphic object, you can easily delete it if it does not serve your purposes.

Insert Clip Art from the Clip Gallery


Select the cell or range where you want to insert a picture.


Click the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click Clip Art.


Type one or more keywords on which to search, and then click the Go button.


If necessary, scroll through the collection in the list.


To quickly insert clip art, double-click a picture in the task pane.


When you're done, click the Close button on the task pane.



Insert a Picture from an Existing File


Click the cell or range where you want the picture to appear.


Click the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click From File.


Click the Look In list arrow, select the drive and folder with the picture, and then click the file you want to insert.


If you want, click the Views button list arrow, and then select Preview to view the picture.


Click Insert.


Delete a Picture


Click the object to display its handles.


Press Delete.


Did You Know?

You can display the Picture toolbar . When you select a picture, the Picture toolbar will automatically appear.

You can add a border to a picture . Select the image, click the Line Style button on the Picture toolbar, and then click the line style you want.

You can resize or move a picture if it's too big . To resize a picture so it does not obscure existing data, drag the handle to reduce or enlarge the picture. To move the picture, point to an edge, but not to a handle, and then drag the picture to a new location.

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