Inserting a Header or Footer

Most reports use headers and footers to help you keep track of where you are. A header is text printed in the top section of every page within a document. Footer text is printed in the bottom section. Commonly used headers and footers contain your name, the document title, the file name , the print date, and page numbers . You can also add a header and footer to a form.

Insert a Header or Footer


Display the form or report in Design view in which you want to insert a header or footer.


Click the Text Box button, and then drag a text box control in the header or footer section.


Click the Build button on the Report Design toolbar.


Click Expression Builder.


Double-click the Common Expressions folder.


Double-click the expression you want to use, such as Page Number, Total Pages, Page N of M, Current Date/Time, and so on.


Click OK to insert the expression.


When you're done, click the Close button.


See Also

See "Formatting a Form or Report" on page 184 for information on showing and hiding headers or footers.

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