Assigning a Shortcut Key to a Control

You can make selecting a control easier in a form or report by assigning it a shortcut key (also known as an access key ). When you assign an access key to a label or button on a form or report, you can press ALT + an underline character to move the focus to the control. In a data access page ”a Web page published by Access ”you can assign the access key to the control instead of the label attached to the control.

Assign an Access Key to a Control


Display the form or report with the label or button you want to assign an access key.


Select the label or button.


Click the Properties button on the toolbar.


In the Caption property box, type an ampersand (&) immediately before the character you want to use as the access key.


Click the Close button in the Properties dialog box.


Did You Know?

You can assign an access key to a control on a data access page . In a data access page, select the control in which you want to assign a key, type the character you want in the Access Key property box.

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