Creating Complex Filters Using Forms


The Filter By Form feature allows you to create a more complex filter. Adding criteria on a particular tab in the form restricts the filter so that records must match all the criteria on the form for the records to be displayed; this is called an AND filter. To expand the filter to include more records, you can create an OR filter by specifying criteria on the subsequent Or tab in the Filter By Form grid. To be displayed, a record needs to match only the criteria specified on the Look For tab or the criteria specified on any one of the Or tabs.

Create an AND or OR Filter


In Datasheet view, click the Filter By Form button on the Table Datasheet toolbar.


Click in the empty text box below the field you want to filter.


Click the list arrow, and then click the field value by which you want to filter the records.


For each field by which you want to filter, click the list arrow, and then select the entry for your filter. Each new field in which you make a selection adds additional criteria that a record must match to be included.


If you want to establish Or criteria, click the Or tab at the bottom of the form to specify the additional criteria for the filter. If not, proceed to step 6.


Click the Apply Filter button on the Filter/Sort toolbar.


Did You Know?

You can clear previous filters . If necessary, click the Clear Grid button on the Filter/Sort toolbar to clear the previous filter.

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