Let's now consider the following assumptions:

  • Internet users will not be required to accept cookies, although it is expected that most will.

  • Seats for each show will be divided into one or more seat types, such as Premium Reserve. Seating plan and the division of seats into types will be associated with shows, not individual performances.

  • All seats within the same class for the same performance will be the same price. However, different performances of the same show may have different price structures. For example, matinees may be cheaper than evening performances, to attract families.

  • Users will request a given number of seats of a chosen type for a specified performance, and will not be allowed to request specific seats. Users will not be allowed to provide "hints" for seat allocation such as "toward the front of A Reserve" and "on the right rather than the left."

  • Users requesting seats will be assumed to want adjacent seats, although they will be offered whatever is available if sufficient adjacent seats cannot be allocated. Seats are not considered to be adjacent if they are separated by an aisle.

  • Internet customers will not be able to cancel a booking once payment has been processed. They must call the box office, which will apply the Mandala Center's policies regarding cancellation and refunds, and use the box office interface to cancel bookings when this is allowed.

Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
Professional Java Development with the Spring Framework
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