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Samba   2nd   3rd  
       restarting Samba networking  
Sampler tool  
Saturn tool  
sc_usage utility  
       information displayed by  
       monitoring the Finder with  
scheduling tasks  
scientific publications   [See LaTeX]
scp command  
screencapture tool  
       command for clearing  
        curses screen library  
       splitting in Terminal  
       third-party applications and tools  
       Virtual Screens freeware   2nd  
script command  
Script Editor service  
Scriptable Image Processing System (SIPS) tool  
scripting definition files, sdp tool for converting  
scselect command  
scutil (system configuration utility)   2nd  
       configuration database entry, changing  
       default proxy settings for built-in Ethernet  
       listing contents of configuration database  
sdiff command  
sdp tool  
Search with Google service  
searches, configuring for Directory Access Authentication tab  
searching and sorting files  
secure mail server  
       Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA)  
       X11 features, configuring  
security server, starting  
sed tool  
select( )   2nd  
Send File to Bluetooth Device service  
serial ports  
Server Logistics, Complete MySQL package  
Server Message Block   [See SMB]
server, running Mac OS X as  
       built-in services  
               FTP Access  
               Internet Sharing  
               Personal File Sharing  
               Personal Web Sharing  
               Printer Sharing  
               Remote Login  
               Windows file sharing  
       getting connected  
               firewall, operating behind  
               configuring to receive email  
               configuring to send email  
               configuring with a relay host  
       Apache   [See Apache server]
       certificates for  
               creating untrusted CA  
               signed by trusted CA  
               signing your certificate  
       notification server  
        open source servers for Mac OS X built-in services  
       Rendezvous multicast DNS  
service command  
Service Location Protocol (SLP)  
Services menu (Terminal)  
SetFile tool  
sftp connection with Fugu  
sh (standard Unix shell)  
Share My Desktop (SMD)  
shared libraries
       loadable modules vs.  
       packaging in frameworks  
       statistics on, top utility  
sharing a printer  
       with Windows users  
Sharing preferences panel  
       FTP Access  
       Internet Sharing  
       Personal Web Sharing  
       Printer Sharing  
       Remote Login  
       Windows File Sharing  
Shark tool  
shell scripts
       programs useful in  
shells   2nd  
       changing default for Terminal  
       CPAN, installing modules  
       customizing, for Terminal  
       escape sequences  
       GLterm, use with  
       metacharacters, escaping  
SimG5 and SimG4 command-line tools  
simple frameworks  
       umbrella frameworks vs.  
single fork disk image (.dmg file extension)  
single- user mode
       booting in  
               checking for with rc.boot script  
               to restore Directory Services database  
sips command   2nd  
size calculation file (.sizes) for packages  
Skidmarks GT tool  
slapd (standalone LDAP daemon)  
slapd.conf file, editing datasource entry for OpenLDAP  
sleep command  
SLP (Service Location Protocol)  
Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)  
SMB (Server Message Block)   2nd  
       mounting shares as filesystem volumes  
smb.conf file, editing to add new shares  
SMD (Share My Desktop)  
snmpd (SNMP daemon)  
       building   [See building software]
       distribution of
               disadvantages of tarball method  
               as Internet-enabled disk image  
       packaging model   [See bundles]
sort tool  
sorting files  
sound effects for X11 system alert  
source code
       compiling   [See compiling source code]
        fragments of, MergePef tool for merging  
       Unix management tools for  
source installations, mixing with binary  
source tree for Mac OS X  
spaces in file and directory names  
Speech service  
split command  
split screens (Terminal)  
SplitForks command   2nd  
       commercial version, using with X11 forwarding  
       firewall rule for connections  
       GUIs for  
       using ssh with X11 forwarding  
       VNC, using with  
               connections to Mac OS X Aqua desktops  
               tunneling VNC connection without TightVNC  
SSH Agent  
       uses of  
SSH server  
sshd_config file  
       enabling X11 forwarding  
       X.509 certificates  
standalone LDAP daemon (slapd)  
StartService( )  
startup items
               login preferences  
               property list for  
               startup script for MySQL (example)  
       default, for Mac OS X  
        replaced by register_mach_bootstrap_servers  
startup scripts  
startup sequence for Mac OS X  
StartupParameters. plist file  
static libraries, creating and linking  
static link editor (Mach-O)  
statistical computing package (R)  
stdlib.h header file, alloc .h and  
Stickies application, starting up automatically  
sticky notes service  
StopService( )  
_ _STRICT_BSD_ _ macro  
strings tool  
strings, BuildStrings tool  
StuffIt Expander   2nd  
su command  
sudo command  
       boot arguments, setting to verbose  
       granting user privilege to use  
       killall -HUP smbd nmbd (restarting Samba networking)  
       NetInfo utilities, using with  
       root user and  
Summary service  
superuser privileges, commands for  
symbolic links
       creating for shared library, first installation  
       for libraries
               library versions   2nd  
symbolic links for libraries  
synthfs filesystem  
sysctl utility   2nd  
       kernel variables on Mac OS X  
system alert, configuring for X11  
system calls
       filesystem- related , information on  
       kernel tracing of (ktrace)  
       sc_usage utility for displaying  
system clock, synchronization of  
System Configuration Server  
system information, printing to standard output  
system language, setting  
system library (libSystem)
       curses screen library  
       symbolic links as placeholders for  
system log daemon (syslogd)  
system management tools  
       diagnostic utilities  
       kernel utilities  
               kernel modules, manipulating  
               output from (example)  
       system configuration  
               defaults command  
               scutil   2nd  
       third-party tools for system administration  
               memory information displayed by  
               process information displayed by  
               information displayed by  
System Preferences
       adding new printer  
       modifying user accounts  
       Sharing   [See Sharing preferences panel]
system services started at boot  
system testing   [See configure scripts]
System V command-line interface  
systemkeychain command  

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