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R ( open source statistical computing package)  
RandR (Resize and Rotate) extension  
ranlib command  
       AppleScript, interaction with  
       binary distribution  
rc scripts  
rcp command  
rcs command  
RCS, cvs tool and  
README file (Unix source code)  
real-time interactive 3D  
reboot command  
receipts for installed packages  
Reggie SE tool  
RegisterUserSite directive  
relay host, configuring Postfix to use  
Remote Desktop Client (RDC), Microsoft  
remote desktop server, starting  
Remote Login  
remote systems, printing from with CUPS  
       3D graphics package  
       Quartz Extreme, use by Expos  
       IP printer, adding  
       multicast DNS client (mDNS)  
       printers enabled for  
Resize and Rotate (RandR) extension  
ResMerger tool  
resource files, tools for  
resource forks  
       displaying contents with DeRez  
       FixupResourceForks command  
       preserved with CpMac tool  
       preserved with MvMac tool  
       removing from a file  
       SplitForks command   2nd  
resource strings, BuildStrings tool for  
Resources/ folder  
RestartService( )  
Rez tool  
RezWack tool  
right-mouse clicks  
rm/rmdir commands  
root directory, files and directories in  
root filesystem  
       mounting as read/write  
root user
       bash shell, # prompt  
       MySQL, password for  
rootless and full-screen modes, X11   2nd  
       toggling full-screen X11 and Aqua  
router, SOHO  
RPC server (portmap), controlling startup of  
ruby command  
RunService( )  
rxvt, replacement for xterm  

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