Part II: Using Advantage SQL

Chapter List

Chapter 9: Introduction to Using Advantage SQL
Chapter 10: Using SQL to Perform Common Database Operations
Chapter 11: Using SQL to Access Metadata and Managed Data Dictionaries

Part Overview

ADS is a relational database server, and like all other sophisticated database servers, it permits you to access your data using the industry-standard SQL (structured query language). In Part II of this book, you find a detailed look at Advantage SQL, the dialect of SQL you use with ADS.

There are three chapters in this part, with each one playing a distinct role. In Chapter 9, you learn how to construct valid Advantage SQL statements. Topics discussed in this chapter include how to reference table and field names, literal values, the available operators, and Advantage SQL scalar functions in the queries that you write. This chapter also discusses parameterized queries, SQL scripts, live versus static cursors, and subqueries. This chapter concludes with a look at the various SQL-related tools provided by the Advantage Data Architect.

Chapter 10 demonstrates many of the essential SQL statements that you will use in your everyday applications. Filled with numerous examples of SQL statements that you can execute against the provided database, this chapter shows you how to create tables, select records, retrieve aggregate statistics, perform calculations, group records, sort results, and link tables. You will also learn how to delete, insert, and update data in your tables, all using Advantage SQL.

Chapter 11 concludes this exploration of Advantage SQL with a look at administrative tasks. This chapter begins with a discussion of the SQL statements that permit you to create databases and control access rights to data dictionary objects. Next you learn how to retrieve your data dictionary’s metadata, the data that describes your data dictionary objects, users, groups, privileges, and more. Finally, you learn how to use a special collection of system stored procedures that permit you to perform those remaining tasks not support directly by Advantage SQL.

Advantage Database Server. The Official Guide
Advantage Database Server: The Official Guide
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