List of Tables

Chapter 1: Introduction to Advantage Database Server

Table 1-1: Data Access Mechanisms for the Advantage Database Server

Chapter 2: Creating Tables

Table 2-1: Characteristics of the ADT Table Format
Table 2-2: The Allowable Field Types for ADT Table Fields
Table 2-3: Use This Data to Add Six Fields to the Table
Table 2-4: Sample Data for the CUST.ADT Table

Chapter 9: Introduction to Using Advantage SQL

Table 9-1: Reserved Keywords in Advantage SQL
Table 9-2: The Advantage Date/Time SQL Scalar Functions
Table 9-3: The Advantage Math SQL Scalar Functions
Table 9-4: The Advantage String SQL Scalar Functions
Table 9-5: The Advantage Miscellaneous SQL Scalar Functions
Table 9-6: SQL Scalar Functions That Can Be Used in Live Cursors

Chapter 10: Using SQL to Perform Common Database Operations

Table 10-1: Valid Field Types for ADT Tables

Chapter 11: Using SQL to Access Metadata and Managed Data Dictionaries

Table 11-1: Field Type Codes
Table 11-2: Index Option Codes
Table 11-3: Trigger Type Codes
Table 11-4: Trigger Event Type Codes
Table 11-5: Trigger Container Type Codes
Table 11-6: Trigger Option Codes
Table 11-7: Data Dictionary Object Type Codes
Table 11-8: Update and Delete RI Rule Codes
Table 11-9: Data Dictionary Link Option Codes
Table 11-10: Object Rights
Table 11-11: Supported System Stored Procedures
Table 11-12: Data Dictionary Properties
Table 11-13: The Valid Table Type Integers
Table 11-14: The Valid Character Set Type Values
Table 11-15: Valid Values for Update and Delete Rule Parameters
Table 11-16: Valid Table Property Values
Table 11-17: Valid Validation Option Codes
Table 11-18: Valid Field Property Codes
Table 11-19: Valid User Property Values

Chapter 13: Using ADS from Java

Table 13-1: The Optional Connection String Parameters

Chapter 14: Using ADS from Visual Basic and ADO

Table 14-1: Parameters for Connecting with ADO

Chapter 15: Using the Advantage .NET Data Provider

Table 15-1: Parameters for Connecting with the Advantage .NET Data Provider

Chapter 16: Using ADS with ODBC, PHP, and DBI/Perl

Table 16-1: Connection String Parameters
Table 16-2: The Advantage Extended Functions for PHP

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