About InstantCode Books

The InstantCode series is designed to provide you - the developer - with code you can use for common tasks in the workplace. The goal of the InstantCode series is not to provide comprehensive information on specific technologies - this is typically well-covered in other books. Instead, the purpose of this series is to provide actual code listings that you can immediately put to use in building applications for your particular requirements.

How These Books are Structured

The underlying philosophy of the InstantCode series is to present code listings that you can download and apply to your own business needs. To support this, these books are divided into chapters, each covering an independent task.

Each chapter includes a brief description of the task, followed by an overview of the element of the book's subject technology that we will use to perform that task. Each section ends with a code listing: each of the individual code segments in the chapter is independently downloadable, as is the complete chapter code. You will be able to download source code files, as well as application files.

Who Should Read These Books

These books are written for software development professionals who have basic knowledge of the associated technology and want to develop customized technology solutions.

Java InstantCode. Developing Applications Using Java NIO
Java InstantCode. Developing Applications Using Java NIO
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