About the Book

This book describes the New I/O (NIO) API introduced in J2SDK v 1.4 that provides new features and improved performance in the areas of polling, buffer management, scalable network and advanced file system I/O, character converters, and regular-expression matching. It also explains how the NIO API supplements the existing I/O facilities. In addition, it describes how to implement these new features to improve the efficiency of Java applications.

About the Author

Vishal Jayaswal holds a Bachelor's degree in IT Engineering. He is proficient in technologies such as C++, Java, HTML, DHTML, J2EE, EJB, JNDI, JMS, and RMI and has been involved in technical writing for NIIT in the same areas. In addition, he has written books on Data Mining and Java NIO. He has a sound knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and DreamWeaver.


I would like to thank Gaurav Bhatla, Reena Roy, and S. Sripriya, for helping me complete the book on time. I also thank the editors and the quality assurance team for their timely help.

Java InstantCode. Developing Applications Using Java NIO
Java InstantCode. Developing Applications Using Java NIO
Year: 2004
Pages: 55

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