If you want to install new software in Red Hat Linux, you need to know how to manage RPM packages. You can use the rpm command to upgrade or install new packages locally from a source such as a CD, or remotely from a FTP or HTTP server.

The rpm command is flexible. With the right switches, you can query the status, the list of files, or even ownership of a package. A properly configured RPM package lists dependencies. For example, if you need the GNU C Compiler for something like the Linux kernel source, the rpm command won t let you install the kernel-source package first, at least not by default. If you need to find the right RPM, the rpmdb-redhat-* RPM package provides a database of all RPMs associated with your current Red Hat Linux distribution.

Linux is associated with easy accessibility to the source code. Red Hat Linux supports this with source RPMs. Once you ve installed the rpm-build package, you can use the rpmbuild command to create binary RPMs from the source. All you need is a properly configured .spec file.

Spec files are included with Red Hat Linux SRPMs, and you can modify them to meet your needs. Alternatively, you can create your own .spec file to create a binary RPM from a tarball package.

It may be a bit too easy to become dependent on RPMs and ignore security issues. Therefore, Red Hat Linux supports the Pretty Good Privacy system. All you need is a genuine RPM-GPG-KEY file, available from several sources. Then you can verify the integrity of any RPM package with the rpm -K packagename command. If you suspect a problem with a specific file or command, you can even verify the integrity of that specific file with the rpm -Vf filename command.

If you re looking for the latest RPMs, check the Rawhide directory on your favorite FTP server. Red Hat posts the latest updates here first. Alternatively, you can use the Red Hat Update Agent to automate this process.

In the next chapter , you ll learn to analyze the boot process in detail. As you learn about the Linux boot process, you ll gain skills that can help you troubleshoot various kinds of boot problems. Finally, you can use the Red Hat installation CD s linux rescue mode to get around most boot problems so you can repair any damaged files.


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