You have a lot of choices to make when you install Red Hat Linux on a computer. Normally, a Red Hat Linux installation need not be complex. In most cases, all you need to do is set your computer to boot from the CD drive, insert the first Red Hat Linux installation CD, follow some fairly straightforward prompts, and you too can install Red Hat Linux in under an hour .

In this chapter, we examined a number of variations of Red Hat Linux installations. If you have aspirations of becoming a Linux administrator, we hope this chapter has helped you learn how to handle a variety of situations during the installation process.

This chapter showed you how to create boot and driver disks. We illustrated various ways to test downloaded CDs and examined options available during the installation process. We also showed you how to navigate the Red Hat Setup Agent to help users who select a graphical login screen finish configuring Linux as a desktop.

Many good resources are available for troubleshooting an installation, and you can use these resources while Anaconda is at work. You can take advantage of these resources by viewing the log files in the /tmp directory and by accessing installation virtual consoles.

Once you log into Red Hat Linux, you ll want to be ready with a command-line interface to learn more with this book and through the Linux community.

Anaconda can also help you upgrade from Red Hat Linux 6.2 and above. It allows you to customize the packages to be upgraded, lets you update the bootloader, and saves any configuration files that you had previously modified.

The next chapter takes a more advanced look at Red Hat Linux installations, using text mode, with a focus on installing Red Hat Linux over a network.


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