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window manager

The window manager is a special type of X client, which controls how other X clients appear on your display.

WINS (Windows Internet Name Service)

WINS provides name resolution on Microsoft networks; it can be activated on Samba.

X client

An X client is an application that uses the X server services to display output.

X Display

The X Display is a console and a virtual window. By default, there are six virtual consoles configured with Linux; the X Display is associated with virtual console number seven.

X Font Server

The X Font Server, xfs, has to run before you can start the Linux GUI.

X server

The X server is the part of the X Window System that runs on your desktop. The X server draws images on your screen, takes input from your keyboard and mouse, and controls access to your display.

X Window System

The GUI for Linux is also known as X Window. Unlike other applications, the X Window System is a layered application.


The XFree86 server is the default X server for RHEL 3.


The xhost command can be used to allow other hosts to access your X server. In other words, you can configure remote X clients to send their display to the local X server.

xinetd daemon

The xinetd 'super-server' daemon controls connections to servers in the /etc/xinetd.d directory such as the Kerberos Telnet server and POP3 e-mail.


The NIS client service is ypbind.


The NIS server service is ypserv.


The RHEL 3 gateway daemon is zebra, which you need to activate before your computer can be configured as a router.

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RCHE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide[c] Exam (Rh302)
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