In this chapter, you used web services to build a real-world application. Although you may never build an application that must track job opportunities and resumes, you can use the techniques this chapter presents in a wide range of applications. For example, you might create an application that uses similar routines to create an online group, to manage users within organizations such as your church or PTA, or even to manage products that users post for sale.

The Jobs web service is unique in that it shows you how a web service can simultaneously support both secure and unsecure connections. Although the Jobs web service used a simplistic file structure, you could easily extend the code to support database operations.

Throughout this book, you have examined a wide range of applications for which web services can provide an elegant solution. Each day, many more applications emerge that utilize web services. Just as Active Server Pages drove the growth of the Web over the past several years, web services are poised to generate similar growth in web-based solutions. In the near future, as network speeds continue to increase, many of the components our programs use will likely correspond to remote web services. I wish you the best of luck as you continue your use of .NET web services.

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