Geography Markup Language 2.0

Geography Markup Language (GML) is an XML format for transporting and storing geographic information, which includes both the spatial and nonspatial components of geographic features. As described by the OGC, this specification "defines the XML Schema syntax, mechanisms, and conventions that

  • Provide an open , vendor-neutral framework for the definition of geospatial application schemas and objects;

  • Allow profiles that support proper subsets of GML framework descriptive capabilities;

  • Support the description of geospatial application schemas for specialized domains and information communities;

  • Enable the creation and maintenance of linked geographic application schemas and datasets;

  • Support the storage and transport of application schemas and data sets;

  • Increase the ability of organizations to share geographic application schemas and the information they describe."

For updates to this specification, see http://www. opengis .net/gml/.

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