Appendix B. Geography Markup Language

The Open GIS Consortium (OGC) is an industry consortium focused on growing interoperability between technologies that involve spatial information and location. The OGC has the broadest goals among organizations developing location services standards. The OGC believes fundamentally that spatial and geographic information and location are being underutilized worldwide as tools to improve decision-making capabilities, economic productivity, and service delivery. Accordingly, the organization has as its core mission to "deliver spatial interface specifications that are openly available for global use."

The OGC approach to delivering on its mission is to (a) organize interoperability projects, (b) work toward consensus, (c) create a formal specification, (d) develop strategic business opportunities, (e) create strategic standards partnerships, and (f) promote demand for interoperable products. One of the most important initiatives of OGC is the Geography Markup Language.

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