Key Points

  • The easiest way to start and stop recording macros is by using the small button in the status bar. To review or run macros, use the Macros button on the View tab.

  • Dock, undock, hide and show windows freely in the Visual Basic editor. It’s your working environment-make it work for you.

  • When you have macros that relate to a single workbook, assign them to the Quick Access Toolbar for just that workbook. You might want to be more judicious about which macros you assign to the global Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Don’t be afraid to change what the macro recorder created-if you save a backup copy of the original, you can always restore it later. Delete unnecessary statement and property assignments. This will make your macro much easier to understand the next time you use it.

  • Take advantage of the new security features to keep your computer-and your company’s network-safe. Be very careful which folders and publishers you trust. If you receive a macro-enabled workbook from someone else-whether you trust them or not-open it with macros disabled and inspect the macros before you put the workbook into a trusted location.

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