The XML class provides a flexible way to work with XML content in Flash. It allows you to load external XML documents into Flash and parse them into a document tree. Providing you know how to traverse this tree, its easy to extract the data and add it to the interface of your movie. You can use the XML class to create XML content within Flash. You can either create an XML string or use methods and properties to create an XML document tree programmatically.

Flash also provides you with a number of methods for manipulating the structure of the XML tree. You can update the content of text nodes and attributes, add and remove nodes, and even change the names of a node. When youre ready to update an external file, the XML class provides methods for sending XML content.

Flash is an excellent tool for working with XML documents. In addition to the XML class, a number of built-in data components ship with the professional edition of Flash. These components enable you to configure your XML content using the Component Inspector. They also allow for data binding with UI components . The XMLSocket class allows you to work with XML using a persistent connection. It allows external data to trigger actions within Flash.

In the next three chapters, Ill look at how you can work with Flash and Office 2003. You can use Word, Excel, or Access 2003 to update content for your Flash movies.

Foundation XML for Flash
Foundation XML for Flash
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