Chapter 13: Saving Your Presentation


Curt runs a communications consulting company. He has a series of presentations that discuss communicating across cultures. Curt's newest client wants to make his presentations available to employees around the world

I may be a communications expert, but I am not a PowerPoint expert. My latest client wants to send my presentation to a number of their remote offices. I don't want to send the presentations to the home office for distribution without some kind of protection on my intellectual property.

I need to send both a PowerPoint presentation and a set of HTML files. I really am not sure how to send the files so they open without going through the editing interface. I also don't understand what to do with the HTML request.

Curt has a number of problems we need to address. He is used to sending files for speaker-led presentations, so he has never worried about making his presentations open at the first slide. This is the easy one to fix. He also needs to figure out how to save his presentation for use over the Web. This is a little more complicated, but still quite addressable. His last problem, controlling the information in his presentation, is a little harder to address.

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Kathy Jacobs On PowerPoint
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