List of Figures

Chapter 2: Developing the Content

Figure 2-1: Outline in Notepad
Figure 2-2: Notepad Outline in PPT
Figure 2-3: Word Outline
Figure 2-4: Word Outline in PPT
Figure 2-5: PowerPoint Outline
Figure 2-6: PPT Outline

Chapter 3: Developing The PowerPoint File

Figure 3-1: Save Options
Figure 3-2: General Options
Figure 3-3: Edit Options
Figure 3-4: Print Options
Figure 3-5: Security Options
Figure 3-6: Security Levels
Figure 3-7: AutoFormat Options
Figure 3-8: Default Template
Figure 3-9: PowerPoint Sample Slide (Axis Template)
Figure 3-10: PowerPoint Sample Slide (Balance Template)
Figure 3-11: PowerPoint Samples Slide (Proposal Template)
Figure 3-12: PowerPoint Sample Slide (Crayons Template)
Figure 3-13: PPT 2000 and earlier Slide Layouts
Figure 3-14: PPT 2002 and later Slide Layouts
Figure 3-15: Modifying an AutoShape
Figure 3-16: Add Text to an AutoShape
Figure 3-17: The File Slide
Figure 3-18: Movie and Sound Options
Figure 3-19: Record Narration
Figure 3-20: PPT 2000 and earlier Custom Animation
Figure 3-21: Animation Effects
Figure 3-22: Animation Options
Figure 3-23: Animation Timing
Figure 3-24: PPT 2002 and later Animation
Figure 3-25: Entrance Animations
Figure 3-26: Custom Animation
Figure 3-27: An Animation Listing
Figure 3-28: Customizing an Animation
Figure 3-29: Animation Effect
Figure 3-30: Animation Timing
Figure 3-31: Animation Text
Figure 3-32: Emphasis Effects
Figure 3-33: Multimedia Settings
Figure 3-34: PPT 2002 and later Animation Effects
Figure 3-35: PPT 2000 and earlier Transitions
Figure 3-36: PPT 2002 and later Transitions
Figure 3-37: PPT 2000 and earlier Set Up Show Window
Figure 3-38: PPT 2002 and later Set Up Show Window
Figure 3-39: Define Custom Show Window

Chapter 4: Presentation Fonts

Figure 4-1: Interface Department Slide
Figure 4-2: Data Warehouse Slide
Figure 4-3: Marketing Department Slide
Figure 4-4: Training Slide
Figure 4-5: Replace Font Window
Figure 4-6: Double-Byte Replacement Error Message
Figure 4-7: New Interface Department Slide
Figure 4-8: New Data Warehouse Slide
Figure 4-9: New Marketing Department Slide
Figure 4-10: New Training Slide

Chapter 5: Colors And Color Schemes

Figure 5-1: Fill Effects Gradient Window

Chapter 6: Make It Move

Figure 6-1: Initial Vocabulary Words Slide
Figure 6-2: Redesigned Vocabulary Words Slide
Figure 6-3: Defining Words using Linked Slides
Figure 6-4: Completed Linked Vocabulary Words Slide
Figure 6-5: Base Whale Anatomy Slide
Figure 6-6: Correct Answer Slide
Figure 6-7: Incorrect Answer Slide
Figure 6-8: Preliminary Whale Migration Slide
Figure 6-9: Custom Animation Window
Figure 6-10: Simulating Motion Using Duplicate Slide
Figure 6-11: Preliminary Krill Animation
Figure 6-12: Animation Effects Window for Krill Appearance
Figure 6-13: Changing the Animation Fill Color
Figure 6-14: Making the Krill Disappear
Figure 6-15: Timing Effects Window
Figure 6-16: Vocabulary Slide Configured with a Trigger
Figure 6-17: Custom Animation Window for Triggered Words
Figure 6-18: Trigger Animation
Figure 6-19: Spring to Summer Animation List
Figure 6-20: Spring to Summer Motion Path
Figure 6-21: Motion Path Animation List
Figure 6-22: Motion Effects Options Window

Chapter 8: Timing

Figure 8-1: Sample Fragmentation Window
Figure 8-2: Sample Defragmentation Report

Chapter 9: Presentation Linking

Figure 9-1: Action Buttons Toolbar
Figure 9-2: Preliminary Template with Navigation
Figure 9-3: Preliminary Navigation Information Diagram
Figure 9-4: Final Navigation Information Diagram
Figure 9-5: Slide Modified for Placement of Menu
Figure 9-6: Slide with Menu
Figure 9-7: Insert Hyperlink Window
Figure 9-8: Slide with Linked Menu
Figure 9-9: Insert Hyperlink Window for Email Addresses
Figure 9-10: Action Settings Window
Figure 9-11: New Slide with Menu
Figure 9-12: Sample Hyperlinked Menu Slide
Figure 9-13: Insert Object Window
Figure 9-14: Sample Slide with Embedded Presentations

Chapter 10: PowerPoint And Office

Figure 10-1: Send to Word Window
Figure 10-2: Sample Slide Sent to Word
Figure 10-3: Word's Links Window
Figure 10-4: Merge Changes Prompt Window
Figure 10-5: Comparison Plain Text to WordArt
Figure 10-6: WordArt Gallery Window
Figure 10-7: Equation Editor Window

Chapter 11: Keeping Your File The Right Size

Figure 11-1: Insert a Graphic in an AutoShape
Figure 11-2: Compress Pictures Window
Figure 11-3: Record Narration Window
Figure 11-4: Sound Selection Window
Figure 11-5: Presentation Contents Properties

Chapter 12: Printing

Figure 12-1: Black and White Slide
Figure 12-2: Grayscale Slide

Chapter 13: Saving Your Presentation

Figure 13-1: Publish as Web Page Window
Figure 13-2: Web Options Window
Figure 13-3: Presentation Security Options

Chapter 14: For PresentersGetting Ready To Present

Figure 14-1: Handout Master View Toolbar
Figure 14-2: Slide Show Help Window
Figure 14-3: Meeting Minder Meeting Minutes Window
Figure 14-4: Meeting Minder Action Items Window

Chapter 15: Sharing

Figure 15-1: Package for CD Window
Figure 15-2: Package for CD Options Window
Figure 15-3: Presentation Password Reassign Message
Figure 15-4: CD Copying Finished Message
Figure 15-5: Copy to Folder Window
Figure 15-6: Sample Package for CD File List
Figure 15-7: Pack and Go Wizard
Figure 15-8: Pack and Go Presentation Selection Window
Figure 15-9: Pack and Go Destination Selection Window
Figure 15-10: Pack and Go Links and Font Options
Figure 15-11: Pack and Go Viewer Selection Window
Figure 15-12: Pack and Go Final Window
Figure 15-13: Pack and Go Presentation Files
Figure 15-14: Pack and Go Setup Window
Figure 15-15: Staging Folder File Listing

Chapter 16: Creating Your Own Template

Figure 16-1: Default Master Slide Template
Figure 16-2: Setting a Background on the Master Slide
Figure 16-3: Master Slide with WordArt and Graphics
Figure 16-4: Multiple Master Templates
Figure 16-5: Multiple Master Templates Warning Message
Figure 16-6: Handout Master View
Figure 16-7: Notes Master View

Chapter 17: Macros In PowerPoint

Figure 17-1: Client Title Slide
Figure 17-2: Goal Content Slide
Figure 17-3: Record Macro window
Figure 17-4: Macro Window
Figure 17-5: Custom Toolbar with Macros
Figure 17-6: Custom Macro Toolbar with Icons
Figure 17-7: Macro Toolbar with Combined Macro

Chapter 18: Producer And Similar Products

Figure 18-1: Microsoft Producer Window
Figure 18-2: Presentation Template Window
Figure 18-3: Table of Contents Window
Figure 18-4: Title Window
Figure 18-5: Add Presentations and Pictures to the Project
Figure 18-6: Add Audio and Video Files to the Project
Figure 18-7: Capture Wizard
Figure 18-8: Hidden Warning Message
Figure 18-9: Sound Options Window
Figure 18-10: Sound Capture Window
Figure 18-11: Synchronize Slides Window

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