List of Sidebars

Chapter 1: What Can I Use PPT For?

Tip 1: Slide Content Suggestions
Tip 2: CBT Examples
Tip 3: Churches That Use PowerPoint

Chapter 2: Developing the Content

Tip 4: Building Your Message Table
Tip 5: Number of Presentations
Tip 6: Turn on the Outlining Toolbar
Tip 7: Create a Summary Slide

Chapter 3: Developing The PowerPoint File

Tip 8: Sequential Saves
Tip 9: Multiple Masters
Tip 10: Microsoft Template packs
Tip 11: What text animates?
Tip 12: Get the rights!
Tip 13: Consistant Animation
Tip 14: Master Animation
Tip 15: What do the icons mean?
Tip 16: Avoid these three transitions!
Tip 17: The presentation doesn't show!
Tip 18: Keep track of your slide numbers
Tip 19: Access Custom custom shows seamlessly

Chapter 4: Presentation Fonts

Tip 20: Strikethrough
Tip 21: More on font embedding

Chapter 5: Colors And Color Schemes

Tip 22: Learn more about color meanings
Tip 23: The black and white color scheme
Tip 24: RBG Color Numbers
Tip 25: Add a rainbow
Tip 26: Add a metallic sheen

Chapter 6: Make It Move

Tip 27: Apply this to built slides
Tip 28: Random appearances

Chapter 7: Adding Movies

Tip 29: The best places to get movie help
Tip 30: Looking for a specific CODEC?

Chapter 9: Presentation Linking

Tip 31: Previous slide vs. Last Slide viewed
Tip 32: Turn on Rulers
Tip 33: Go to a spot in a presentation
Tip 34: Play a sound with the action
Tip 35: Send to Back with a lot of elements selected

Chapter 10: PowerPoint And Office

Tip 36: Preventing Excel data from getting cut off when copied to PowerPoint
Tip 37: Using 2003? Check out shared workspaces!

Chapter 11: Keeping Your File The Right Size

Tip 38: Problems with a file you sent out for review? Help is here!
Tip 39: Elements in the presentation but not on any slides

Chapter 12: Printing

Tip 40: No Print Preview?
Tip 41: Other print preview options

Chapter 13: Saving Your Presentation

Tip 42: What is an MHT file?
Tip 43: Get your sounds out of your presentation
Tip 44: My slide show doesn't animate on some computers
Tip 45: Navigation in slide show

Chapter 14: For PresentersGetting Ready To Present

Tip 46: Out of time before you are out of slides?

Chapter 15: Sharing

Tip 47: A quick way to find the Viewers
Tip 48: Don't PnG directly to removable media

Chapter 16: Creating Your Own Template

Tip 49: Showing text on a busy background

Chapter 17: Macros In PowerPoint

Tip 50: Save your work!
Tip 51: Macro Names
Tip 52: Want more button faces?
Tip 53: Customize all of PowePoint
Tip 54: Nothing happening when you click New?

Chapter 18: Producer And Similar Products

Tip 55: Presentation recording tutorial

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