Macros, Add-Ins And Other Useful Additions

RnR: RDP And Reillyand, Inc.

Steve Rindsberg and Brian Reilly, two of the PowerPoint MVPs, collectively have created a great set of PowerPoint addins and tools to make your development life easier. Some of their tools are free, some have a small cost associated with them. Their tools include

  • PPTools Starter Set and Starter Set Plus

  • Prep4PDF

  • PowerPoint ShapeStyles

  • FixLinks Pro

  • PPTMerge


  • PowerPoint Presentation Optimizer

  • PowerPoint Image Exporter

  • PowerPoint Palette

  • PowerPoint Protect

To learn the details on the tools offered by Steve and Brian, check out their site at


Chirag Dalal, a PowerPoint MVP, runs OfficerOne, a site with PowerPoint tips, techniques, and lots of macros and add-ins Some of Chirag's offerings include

  • PowerShow

  • PowerKiosk

  • Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint

  • SecurePack

  • Volume Control

  • SundayStar

  • Shortcuts for PowerPoint

  • PowerPoint Web Browser Assistant

  • Kiosk Assistant

  • PowerPoint VBA Controls Assistant

  • SyncViews

  • Smooth Shadows

  • Set Default Slide Layout

  • TransparentShow

  • SlideNavigator

  • MultiSave

  • ShowMonitor

  • ShowPlus

  • AutoDateTime

  • FullShow97

  • Event Generator

  • FaceId Explorer

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