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MySQL: Essential Skills
by John W. Horn and Michael Grey  ISBN:0072255137
McGraw-Hill/Osborne © 2004 (364 pages)

Get step-by-step instruction from installing MySQL, manipulating it, and basic reporting, to advanced reporting, interfacing programs, and backups.

Table of Contents
MySQL”Essential Skills
Module 1 - Installing MySQL
Module 2 - Defining a Database
Module 3 - Manipulating the Database
Module 4 - Basic Reporting
Module 5 - Advanced Reporting
Module 6 - GUIs for Data Handling and Administration
Module 7 - Interfacing with Programs
Module 8 - Basic Administration and Backups
Appendix A - Answers to Mastery Checks
Appendix B - Reserved Words
Appendix C - PHP Installation and Basic Syntax
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Sidebars

MySQL(c) Essential Skills
MySQL: Essential Skills
ISBN: 0072255137
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Year: 2006
Pages: 109
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