Chapter 12. Creating Plug-ins: Extension Points, Actions, and Menus



Section 12.1.   Installing a Plug-in

Section 12.2.   Creating plugin.xml

Section 12.3.   Creating a Menu-Based Plug-in Using Wizards

Section 12.4.   Testing Plug-ins with the Run-time Workbench

Section 12.5.   Deploying a Plug-in

Section 12.6.   Writing a Plug-in from a Skeleton

Section 12.7.   Responding to User Actions in a Plug-in

Section 12.8.   Creating a Plug-in Menu from Scratch

Section 12.9.   Creating Actions

Section 12.10.   Coding a Plug-in Action

Section 12.11.   Automatically Adding a Plug-in to a Perspective

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