Installing PTFs

All PTF installation activities must be done with the system set to IPL area B, as shown on the control panel of the CPU. If your control panel shows an A, you must change it to a B before you go any further.

To change it, do the following:

  • Request to end all subsystems:

  • Wait for all subsystems to end.

  • IPL the system as follows:


When IPL completes, your system will be set to IPL area B.

Cumulative PTF Packages


Before you do anything else, be sure to read the PTF cover letter and the instructions that come with the shipping information letter. You must follow the instructions exactly. Do not skip any steps.

Most times, cume PTF packages require that you IPL your system one or more times. For this reason, you need to have the system all to yourself (in a "restricted state" or "dedicated," as it is usually called).

After you IPL the system for the last time (as directed by the installation instructions you received), you should verify that the PTF installation was successful. To do that, run the GO LICPGM command to display the Licensed Programs Menu. Select option 50 and press Enter twice.

The system presents a series of messages that inform you whether the PTF was installed successfully or not. Look for the word "failed" anywhere in the messages, such as "Loading of PTFs failed," "Marking of PTFs for delayed application failed," or even "Applying PTFs failed."

Individual PTFs

Sign on as QSECOFR and get your system into a restricted state by ending all subsystems. (See Chapter 2 for more information.) Follow the directions to shut down the system, but do not run the PWRDWNSYS command.

Start backing up i5/OS to tape using the SAVSYS command. If you have backed it up after the last time you installed PTFs, you do not have to do it again.

Use the GO PTF command to go to the PTF menu, then select option 8 to install a PTF. Then type * SERVICE or the name of your tape drive, depending on how you received the PTF: *SERVICE for ECS, or a tape drive name if you received a tape from IBM. Then press Enter. The system will give you instructions on the screen. You must follow these instructions exactly. When done, the system checks that all prerequisite PTFs are loaded. If they are, the system applies the PTFs and IPLs itself.

When IPL is complete, be sure to check the cover letters for any further activities you might have to perform after the installation.


Read all cover letters for the PTFs you are going to install. If the cover letters or installation instructions have special instrucions, be sure to follow them exactly.

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