Working with Multiple Documents

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Sometimes when you are using Painter, you might find it necessary to have more than one document open at a time. This might help you complete your project, but it can also be difficult to manage multiple windows . Having the ability to access, move, and resize windows will help you manage your open documents.

Switching between Open Documents

There are times when you might have multiple files open and need to move quickly from one file to another. You can switch from one open document to another using the Window menu.


Using Screen Mode Toggle

Using the Screen Mode Toggle function, you can quickly hide other windows to concentrate on the document on which you are currently working.


Moving a Window

Moving a window in Corel Painter is simply a matter of clicking and dragging it.



Resizing a Window

You can resize a window to help you access other documents.



Minimizing, Maximizing, and Restoring Windows

A quick way to manage the size and location of a window is to use the Minimize, Maximize, and Restore buttons .




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