Chapter 12. System Integration



  • Integration Overview

  • Installing the System Integration Applications

  • Creating and Testing the Project Trailblazer Database

  • Developing the Target and CGI Integration Scripts

  • Additional Reading

With all the Project Trailblazer field hardware interfaces developed and tested, the engineers were ready to connect everything together. In other words, they were ready to tackle system integration. They developed and tested the individual components of Project Trailblazer at the bash prompt on the target boards. However, in the final design, these boards will not function autonomously. Input devices, such as lift-monitoring devices, will collect field information for storage elsewhere. Output devices will control hardware, based on information provided to them. For example, temperature displays will obtain the value to display from a database. Information will be passed between field devices and the database, via the Silverjack network.

Project Trailblazer system integration development needs to take place in two areas: field devices and the Silverjack server. The engineers need to connect field hardware to the database. In this chapter, you will see how the engineers developed the Project Trailblazer system integration by using bash1,2, an Apache HTTP server3, a MySQL database4, gnuplot5, and a networking connection utility program called netcat (nc).


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