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Me and My Shadow

Identify Your Customers' Hidden Needs

Designers have a wealth of ideas on how their products can and should be used. These idealized notions keep competitors and quality assurance people in business, as designers never seem to include the idea that a cell phone makes a great door stop, or that a remote controlled toy dump truck is the best way to move your keys, wallet, and the TV remote control across the room after you've had knee surgery, or that the best way to soothe a crying baby is to put them on top of the washer or dryer.[6] Of course, few of your customers will remember to tell you about these experiences. To learn about them, you need to watch your customers use your product on their terms, not yours.

[6] As a parent of four wonderful children, I'm still surprised that some clever inventor hasn't built a car seat harness for a washing machine.

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