Learning Your Way Around Firefox

After you've got Firefox installed, you need to take a quick tour of the Firefox screen and learn your way around. Figure 1-4 shows the Firefox screen.

Figure 1-4. The Firefox screen.

1. Title bar

2. Menu bar

3. Navigation bar

4. Bookmarks toolbar

5. Tab bar

6. Window (also known as "display window")

7. Find bar

8. Status bar

9. Live Bookmark (RSS) indicator icon

10. Location field (also known as "address field," "address bar," or "URL field")

11. Search bar

As you can see in Figure 1-4, Firefox is refreshingly clear and simple. You won't, however, have to get used to a completely new screen design. In fact, many of the menu commands and keyboard shortcuts are similar to those you're probably already used to. See Appendix A, "Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts for Firefox," and Appendix C, "Menu Commands for Firefox," for more information.

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