The Tools Menu

The Tools menu contains commands for bookmarking pages and managing bookmarks, as well as a list of your stored bookmarks.



Web Search

Moves the cursor to the search field. (This command does nothing if the search field is not visible on the toolbar.)

Read Mail

Starts the default email program. If the default email program is running, Firefox displays the number of unread messages in the Inbox in parentheses.

New Message

Starts the default email program (if necessary) and opens a new message window for composing a new message in the program.


Opens the Download Manager to show the current/ in-process downloads.


Opens the Extension Manager so you can update, uninstall, and potentially change settings for the extensions you have installed in Firefox.


Opens the Theme Manager so you can change your theme or uninstall themes you are no longer using.

JavaScript Console

Starts the JavaScript console, used for debugging JavaScript code embedded in a web page.

Page Info

Displays the Page Info screen, which shows you detailed information about the current web page, including the links and media used in the page.


Displays the Options screen, where you can change the options in Firefox. (Linux and Mac users use the Edit | Preferences command instead.)

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