Part I: Firefox

Congratulations! You have the premiere book on Firefox and Thunderbird, the new stars of open source software. The first part of this book deals with Firefox, the Internet browser. The chapters show you how to install it, how to use its many security features and prevent web annoyances, how to find the websites you need and bookmark them for future reference, how to enhance Firefox with extensions and themes, and how to download files, print web pages, and customize toolbars.

This part doesn't have to be read in order, although it's probably best if you read Chapter 1, "Getting Started," first to learn the vocabulary of Firefox concepts. But you can dip into the book wherever you like and spread out from there. Already have Firefox on your computer and want to learn how to use Smart Keywords to make your life easier? Jump to Chapter 4, "Searching the Web." Need to find out how to take advantage of Firefox's many security features? Go straight to Chapter 2, "Protecting Your Security and Privacy." You can even open the book at random and see what you can learn in the way of tips, techniques, web games, and popover recipes.

This book as a whole doesn't have to be read in order, either. If you're more interested in Thunderbird, the Mozilla email program, you can skip the Firefox part entirely and start with Chapter 9, "Getting Started with Mozilla Thunderbird," and then go from there. But when you're done with that part of the book, be sure to come back here; Firefox is way too cool a program not to learn more about. And you really do need to try the popover recipe.


Getting Started


Protecting Your Security and Privacy


Ridding Yourself of the Annoyances of the Web


Searching the Web


BLOG: Websites to Waste Your Time With


Bookmarks and History


Harnessing the Power of Tabbed Browsing


Customizing Firefox with Third-Party Extensions and Themes


BLOG: Managing Your Blog with Extensions


Other Interesting Features


BLOG: Literary Blogs Through the Ages

    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage (Garage Series)
    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage
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