Appendix A. Capturing Footage


So far, you've been working on footage that you imported from the DVD that comes with this book. But what of your own project's footage? This appendix thoroughly discusses the ways you can import footage from videotape, whether from digital or analog sources. The only thing you need to capture DV footage is a DV camera. If you have analog sources, you need to add to your system some sort of D/A converter in the form of a camera, deck, or stand-alone D/A converter.

If you want to work with higher resolutions than DV, you need a capture card or converter box, as well as a fast disk array to handle the data rate. Refer to Chapter 1, "Essential Equipment," for details.

The workflow involved in bringing footage into your computer to edit is straightforward. You simply set your capture and device control presets, log the footage from tape in Final Cut Pro, and then capture that footage.

Jerry Hofmann on Final Cut Pro 4
Jerry Hofmann on Final Cut Pro 4
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