Chapter 12. Assemblies and AppDomains

Chapter 12. Assemblies and AppDomains

In This Chapter

  • Introduction to Assemblies

  • Assemblies Under the Hood

  • Building and Using Assemblies

  • Storing and Retrieving Assembly Resources

  • Localization and Satellite Assemblies

  • Introduction to AppDomains

  • Programming with AppDomains

Whether you're building Web Forms applications, web services, Windows applications, applications for PDAs, or even console applications, you are working with assemblies and AppDomains. Regardless of whether you're aware of it, assemblies and AppDomains are at the core of all .NET applications.

This chapter provides you with an introduction to assemblies, as well as a detailed view of what they are, how they work, and how they're built and used by applications. Next, this chapter covers the AppDomain and how knowledge of the existence of AppDomains can make your applications more powerful and more reliable.

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