Straightening a Crooked Photo

Sometimes even your most carefully composed digital camera photos may be just a little off angle, with a not quite level horizon line or portrait subjects all tilting to one side or another. Photoshop Elements' nifty little Straighten tool makes short work out of getting your crooked digital photos back into alignment.


Select the Straighten tool from the toolbox, or press P (Figure 6.16).

Figure 6.16. The Straighten tool.


Using a horizon line or other subject as a point of reference, click and drag from one side of the photo to the other.

When you release the mouse button, your image will rotate and align along the new horizontal plane you defined (Figure 6.17).

Figure 6.17. With the Straighten tool, you simply click and drag in a tilted photo (top) to align it perfectly (bottom).


Use either the Crop or Marquee Selection tool to remove any extra border area introduced while straightening the photo.

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