Moving Around in an Image

When working in Photoshop Elements, you'll often want to move your image around to make a different area visible in the document window. This can happen when you're zoomed in on one part of an image or when an image is just too large to be completely visible within the document window. Luckily, Photoshop Elements offers you multiple features for adjusting the viewing area. Two of the most common are the Hand tool and the Navigator palette. (For more information on how to manage views, see Chapter 2, "Creating and Managing Images.")

To view a different area of an image

Do one of the following:

  • From the toolbox, select the Hand tool and drag to move the image around in the document window (Figure 1.43).

    Figure 1.43. Drag with the Hand tool to view a different area of the same image.

  • Use the scroll arrows at the bottom and right side of the document window to scroll to the left or right and up or down. You can also drag the scroll bars to adjust the view (Figure 1.44).

    Figure 1.44. Click the arrows or drag the scroll bars to move around an image.


  • With any other tool selected in the toolbar, you can press the spacebar to give you temporary access to the Hand tool.

To change the view using the Navigator palette


Choose Window > Navigator to open the Navigator palette.


Drag the view box in the image thumbnail (Figure 1.45).

Figure 1.45. As you move the view box on the Navigator palette, the image view in the document window changes to match.

The view in the document window changes accordingly.


  • You can drag the slider bar at the bottom of the Navigator palette to adjust the level of magnification in the document window.

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