Selecting Activities from the How To Palette

The How To palette provides step-by-step instructions (activities) for many commonly performed Photoshop Elements tasks, such as adding a drop shadow to text or removing red-eye from a photograph. Most activities also feature a Do this for me action with certain steps. When you click Do this for me, Photoshop Elements will perform that step for you.

To use the How To palette


From the How To palette menu, choose a category (Figure 1.46).

Figure 1.46. Choose a category to open a list of How To activities.


Select an activity from the category list that appears (Figure 1.47).

Figure 1.47. Click to select an activity to open its step-by-step instructions.


Follow the step-by-step instructions. If a step includes a Do this for me action, click it, and Photoshop Elements will complete that step for you (Figure 1.48).

Figure 1.48. Do this for me actions complete certain steps for you.

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