Working with Vertical Text

Most of the time, you'll use the standard Horizontal Type tool. But you can also change your type to a vertical orientation whenever you want. One of the reasons that Photoshop Elements includes both horizontal and vertical type is to accommodate the needs of the Asian-language versions of the product, such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

To create vertical text


With the image window open, click the Vertical Type tool on the toolbar (Figure 9.31).

Figure 9.31. The Vertical Type tool is located directly under the Horizontal Type tool.

The pointer changes to an I-beam.


Move the pointer to the area where you want to insert your text, and then do one of the following:

Click to create a text insertion point.

Click and drag to create a paragraph text box.


Type your text on the image (Figure 9.32).

Figure 9.32. When you use the Vertical Type tool, your text appears in descending order (from the top down) on your image.

The characters appear in descending order on your image.


To start a new line that will appear to the left of the first line, press Enter (Figure 9.33).

Figure 9.33. When you press Enter, another line of vertical type is entered to the left of the first.

If you've created a paragraph text box, the text will automatically flow to a new line when it bumps up against the bottom of the text box.

To create and control the position of another line of vertical text, reselect the Vertical Type tool and create a separate, independent vertical type layer.

To change the orientation of the text


Select a type layer on the Layers palette.


Select the Type tool on the toolbar and then click the Change the text orientation icon on the options bar (Figure 9.34).

Figure 9.34. You can switch between horizontal and vertical type by clicking the Change the text orientation icon on the options bar.

The text changes to the opposite orientation: If your text is horizontal, it flips to vertical orientationand vice versa.


  • If you have Asian language fonts installed in your computer and you want to use the Asian type formatting options, choose Edit > Preferences > Type and select Show Asian Text Options (Figure 9.35).

    Figure 9.35. If your system supports Asian text options, you can work with them by selecting this feature in the Preferences > Type dialog box.

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