3.8 CSM futures

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3.8 CSM futures

CSM is constantly evolving to add new capabilities. More and more tools coming from the pSeries® platform or from the Open Source community are included in CSM. Here are some examples of possible enhancements to CSM that may be included in future releases:

  • Support for a higher number of nodes

  • Support for additional hardware by using pluggable modules

  • Multiple management servers for better scaling and fail-over operations

  • Support for a mixed AIX and Linux environment inside the same cluster

  • Kerberos Version 5 support

  • Centralized logging

  • Support for additional Linux distributions


The above are possible enhancements, but they must not be considered as commitments from IBM to deliver these new functions in future releases of CSM.

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Linux Clustering with CSM and GPFS
Linux Clustering With Csm and Gpfs
ISBN: 073849870X
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Year: 2003
Pages: 123
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