List of Figures

Chapter 3: SOAP

Table 3.1: Provides a Quick Summary of All the Connection-Related Terms
Table 3.2: A Summary of All the Terms Related to the SOAP message
Table 3.3: The Different Primitive Types Available from XML Schema in the SOAP Standard

Chapter 4: WSDL

Table 4.1: The Parent Elements That Make up an XML Document
Table 4.2: Detailed Information about What Each Namespace Definition Does for the WSDL Document

Chapter 5: UDDI

Table 5.1: Current Implementations of UDDI Version 1
Table 5.2: Beta Implementations of UDDI Version 2

Chapter 6: .NET Web Services with C#

Table 6.1: Options for the WSDL Tool from Microsoft
Table 6.2: A Summary of the Options Used for the C# Compiler to Build the Proxy

Chapter 7: Web Services with Apache SOAP

Table 7.1: The Three Options for the Scope Attribute in the Deployment Descriptor

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