This book describes how to use a wide range of Oracle products. To use the software as described in this book, you will need the following products. The version mentioned below is the minimum software version of the product that supports the described features, at the time of writing. It is recommended that you use the latest version of the product available to you.

Oracle Database Enterprise Edition,

  • Oracle Data Mining Option

  • Oracle OLAP Option, for most OLAP functionality

  • Oracle OLAP Option, for Analytic Workspace Creation Tools

Oracle 9i Application Server, Enterprise Edition, Release 2, 9.0.2

  • JDeveloper 9.0.3 with Business Intelligence Beans

  • Oracle 9i Developer Suite (for Discoverer, Report Services, and Warehouse Builder)

The above software can be downloaded at To obtain a listing of the SQL examples in the book, please go to the website You can also contact the authors by e-mail at <> or <>.

Oracle9iR2 Data Warehousing
Oracle9iR2 Data Warehousing
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