List of Tables

Chapter 2: Delphi and C++ Language Basics

Table 2-1: Delphi reserved words
Table 2-2: Integer types
Table 2-3: Real types
Table 2-4: C++ integer types
Table 2-5: C++ real types
Table 2-6: Basic compound C++ assignment operators
Table 2-7: Arithmetic operators

Chapter 3: Conditions

Table 3-1: Relational operators
Table 3-2: Boolean not operator
Table 3-3: Bitwise not operator
Table 3-4: Boolean and operator
Table 3-5: Bitwise and operator
Table 3-6: Boolean or operator
Table 3-7: Bitwise or operator
Table 3-8: Boolean and bitwise xor operators
Table 3-9: Relational operators
Table 3-10: Logical operators
Table 3-11: Bitwise operators

Chapter 4: Iterations

Table 4-1: C++ and Delphi loops

Chapter 6: Arrays and Strings

Table 6-1: Common string manipulation functions

Chapter 10: Object-Oriented Programming

Table 10-1: Delphi string functions and corresponding AnsiString class methods
Table 10-2: C++ Builder escape sequences

Chapter 18: Working with Files

Table 18-1: GetDriveType function results
Table 18-2: Common TFileStream open modes

Chapter 22: Graphics Programming

Table 22-1: Several text formatting values

Chapter 27: Printing, Creating PDF Documents, and Refactoring

Table 27-1: Letter and A4 page sizes
Table 27-2: Standard fonts

Chapter 29: .NET Framework Programming

Table 29-1: Basic FCL data types

Chapter 30: Advanced Win32 and .NET Programming

Table 30-1: Several overloadable operators in Delphi

Inside Delphi 2006
Inside Delphi 2006 (Wordware Delphi Developers Library)
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