Chapter 14: Administrative Tasks for High Availability


Like the human body, Microsoft SQL Server needs care. When the body gets the right nutrition, sleep, and exercise, it performs at a higher level. If you ignore your body s needs, you are at a higher risk of developing problems. Proactive administration of your SQL Servers is like daily exercise: your systems will tend to live longer and stay healthier. The topics in this chapter are there for a reason: in most cases they are not about only the administration of one particular technology related to SQL Server. This chapter addresses security, memory, transferring objects, and normal maintenance tasks, such as rebuilding indexes.


Although monitoring is an administrative task, it is covered in its own chapter, Chapter 15, Monitoring for High Availability. Performance is also an administrative task and is related to availability. For more information, see HA_Perf_And_Scale.doc, available on the CD.

On the CD

Examples of the automated tasks run internally in some parts of Microsoft can be found on the CD in

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 High Availability
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 High Availability
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